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Dr. Ashish Sabharwal

Consult Dr. Ashish Sabharwal Top Urologist With Email ID Penile Implant Delhi India

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), DNB (Urology), Fellowship (Endourology and Robotic Surgery, Miami, USA), HIFU (Prostate Cancer Doctors Hospital)

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal is one of the best urologists in Delhi-NCR with two decades of experience. His expertise includes prostate cancer, kidney cancer, robotic surgery, erectile dysfunction, penile implants, enlarged prostrate (BPH), and kidney stones. He has done his Advanced Fellowship in Endourology and Robotic Surgery from the University of Miami, USA.

Dr. Ashish’s philosophy on patient care is - Availability and scientific treatment.


  • Prostrate Cancer Surgery

  • Urinary Tract Obstruction

  • Laser Prostatectomy

  • Robotic Surgery

  • Blood in Urine (Hematuria) Treatment

  • Surgery Of The Penis

  • Kidney Stone Treatment

  • Transurethral Resection of The Prostate (TURP)

  • Male Infertility Treatment

  • Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Direct Visual Internal Urethrotomy (DVIU)

Paper Published

  • Apical Dissection during Robotic Radical Prostatectomy “Our Twist and Roll Technique”: Podium Presentation at USICON January2017.

  • Salvage Robotic Radical Prostatectomy, Post HIFU: Video Presentation at USICON January 2017.

  • Expert panelist in a session on CaseCase-Basedel Discussion on "Localized Cancer Management" in the scientific program on “Update in Management of Carcinoma Prostate” in Gurgaon on 17th September 2016.

  • Robotic Radical Prostatectomy for advanced prostate Cancer Guest Lecture at YOG Meeting, New Delhi, India in Feb 2016

  • Robotic Radical Prostatectomy for prostate Cancer: Guest Lecture at IMA NATCON Dec 2015

  • Robotic Burch Colposuspension: Video presentation - at NZUSICON Sept 17-19, 2015

  • Role of SWL in treating ED: Session chaired at NZUSI Mid Term Live operative workshop and CME on Men’s Sexual Health in July 2015

  • Holmium Laser Enucleation of Ablated Prostate (HOLEAP): an innovative technique for management of BPH - Podium Presentation at SESAUA-2010 held in Miami, Florida in March 2010.

  • Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy: a viable option for BPH patient with acute urinary retention & high surgical risk at USICON – 2007(Urology Society of India National Conference)

  • Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy Sabharwal A, Kumar Anant. Apollo Medical Journal 2006;

  • 3(4):355-365 2. Current Role of Robotics in Urology Sabharwal A, Kumar Anant. Apollo Medical Journal 2006;

  • 3(4):365-371 3. Current Role of Laparoscopy in Urology Sabharwal A, Kumar Anant . Apollo Medical Journal 2006;3(4): 371-376

  • Research Work: A comparative study on different types of surgeries in the management of Idiopathic Hydrocele: Lords plication vs. Excision and Eversion of sac vs. Everted Plication. Done as a thesis work during my general surgery residency from 2001-2004, at B.L.D.E.A’s Shree B.M. Patil Medical College, Bijapur, Karnataka, India.

List Of Treatments

  • Andrology

  • Augmentation Cystoplasty

  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)

  • Circumcision

  • Colposuspension

  • Cystolithoptripsy

  • Endourology

  • ESWL

  • Female Urology

  • Flexible Ureteroscopy

  • Fulguration of Posterior uretheral valve

  • Ileal Conduit

  • Laparoscopic Cancer

  • Surgery

  • Cystectomy

  • Laparoscopic Radical

  • prostatectomy

  • Laparoscopic Urology

  • Laser Lithotripsy

  • Laser Treatment

  • Optical Urethrotomy

  • Laproscopic Surgery for Kidney Ureter

  • Prostate and Lap Dollar Nephrectomy

  • Orchidectomy

  • PCNL

  • Pediatric Urology

  • Penile Prosthesis Implantation

  • Penile Prosthesis Insertion

  • Pyeloplasty

  • Radical Cystectomy

  • Radical Nephroureterectomy

  • Radical Prostatectomy

  • Reconstructive Surgery

  • Removal of Kidney Stones

  • Renal Transplant- Cadaver and Live

  • Surgery for Stress Incontinence TVT TOT

  • colposuspensions

  • Testicular Implant

  • TURP

  • Ureter Re-Implantation

  • Urethroplasty

  • Uro UVF and UVF Repair

  • Uro-Oncology

  • URSL

  • Varicocele RepairMicroscopic

  • Vasectomy

  • VVF Repair

  • Vasectomy Reversal

  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

  • Urethral Stricture Surgery

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), DNB (Urology), Fellowship (Endourology and Robotic Surgery, Miami, USA), HIFU (Prostate Cancer Doctors Hospital)

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