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Patient Testimonial after successful Penile Implant Surgery in India

Penile Implant Surgery in India, Patient from Iraq, Mr. T Hussain shares his experience

Mr. Hussain had been searching for a permanent solution for his Erectile Dysfunction. This lead him to many countries like Egypt, Turkey etc, however, he chose his Penile Implant Surgery in India because he found the right confidence in Indian doctors and right amount of care in Indian nursing staff.

Mr. Roberto From Philippines Done Best Cost Penile Implant Surgery in India

Here is A Erectile Dysfunction Patient Video Testimonial About Penile Implant Surgery in India. Mr. Roberto done Best Cost Penile Implant Surgery in India with EDTreatmentIndia. Mr. Roberto traveled from Philippines to New Delhi India for his Penile Implant Surgery.

Nigerian Patient Testimonials about Artificial Urinary Sphincter Surgery in India

Hello, my name is Ezeka Ifeanyi. I am from Nigeria and I am 35 yrs old. When I was 20, I fell off from a tree injuring my urethra which resulted to Chronic Urinary retention. Later in life, also had to go through Urethroplasty surgery twice and post second surgery I started experiencing continuous involuntary leakage of urine. I tried many medicines, also went through pelvic floor muscle training for about an year but the symptoms still persist. Finally after trying all the options in Nigeria I decided to look for another treatment options outside my country. My doctors too asked me to look for Artificial Urinary Sphincter surgery in India. From internet I came to know about ED Treatment India. I contacted them immediately and sent my reports and within 48 hrs I was having an opinion from an Indian doctor without paying any money. I discussed the medical opinion with my doctors here in Nigeria and with their agreement I proceeded ahead. The Indian guy gave me all the information about travel/visa, finance, accommodation etc. It took me some time to transfer money from our Nigerian bank to the Indian hospital. Upon arrival, I was received by their driver at the airport. Within 4-5 days after going through all the investigations my surgery date was decided. Everything went well, the whole process was so smooth. I thank ED Treatment India for arranging my surgery, I highly recommend their name if anybody is looking for an affordable high quality urosurgery in India.

Australia Patient Experience about Penile implant treatment in India

Mr. Daniel is a successful businessman From Australia. He is happily married and has two children. He is 50 and in the prime of his life, but he has a problem. Mr. Daniel has erectile dysfunction (impotence)—he can't maintain a rigid erection during sexual intercourse. Mr. Daniel is frustrated, and worried that something is seriously wrong. He feels inadequate, embarrassed, and has lost confidence in his sexual capabilities. He doesn't know where to turn; his worries are starting to interfere with his business and family life.

Mr. Daniel is not alone. Roughly 30 million American men are impotent. Many are too embarrassed to ask for help, and others have received advice or treatment that was unsatisfactory. Impotence can occur at any age, and at any time in a man’s life. The myth that impotence is “all in your head” has been shattered. Medical research has proven that impotence usually stems from a physical cause. The good news is that impotence can be reversed. Virtually all impotent men can be successfully treated.

Each year hundreds of men visit the EDTreatmentIndia to find a solution. Our confidential evaluation can determine the cause of their impotence. We explain the medical and surgical treatment options, and choose the best options available. And they return to their partners, ready and capable of enjoying a full and satisfying sexual relationship.

The important thing is to overcome your embarrassment, and get the help that you need. Imagine how much enjoyment you could experience, once your sexual capabilities have been restored. Our patients trust and depend on us because of our experience and reputation. Our medical director is an internationally-known, Board Certified Urologist who specializes in the treatment of impotence. Why wait any longer? The end to impotence and the beginning of a satisfying sex life is as near as your telephone. To schedule a confidential evaluation, or get a second opinion, call us today.


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