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Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery in India

Robotic Prostate Surgery in India

Robotic Prostate Surgery in IndiaWhen it comes to Robotic prostatectomy surgery, well it can be defined as the robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. This surgery or radical prostatectomy deals with the complete removal of the prostate gland along with some of the surrounding tissues. You can find this surgery carried out only to get rid of the prostate cancer, which a disease is caused due to the abnormal growth of the cells in the organ called prostate in the male reproductive system which is seen mutating and multiplying in an uncontrollable fashion.  The laparoscopy is a procedure, is a procedure that helps the surgeon or doctor to avoid open surgery completely and that can reduce the risks along with recovery period and scarring that is involved in more invasive surgery. A majority of men affected by this menace called the localized prostate cancer can be the ideal candidates for the minimally invasive surgery called the Robotic prostatectomy surgery. The ideal candidate for the robotic prostatectomy is a younger man in good physical health with little co-morbidity, which happens to be a small prostate, and a lower-grade, low-volume tumor. Generally, the men with Gleason scores of 8, 9, or 10, and/or advanced stage T3-T4 disease would not be considered due to risk of cancer extension beyond the prostate.

Results with Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

The Robotic prostatectomy surgery is known for its highest success rate when it comes to all the other prostate cancer treatment options. The success rates for a robotic prostatectomy are reported to be in the range from 30 – 98 percent. As per the studies, the shown success rates have emerged in between 76 to 98%. Also, the experience and experience of the surgeon carrying play a vital role in it. The fact of the matter is the surgeons and doctors will have greater success along with lower amount of complications rates if they are seen routinely performing the procedure. Now talking about the results in particular to the procedures like the da Vinci robotic prostate cancer surgery, one can find superior clinical prostate cancer treatment results as compared to the non-robotic traditional and scope-assisted procedures. This is simply because of the fact that the da Vinci system's Surgeon Console is armed with the idea to provide the surgeon with a revolutionary, three-dimensional, multi-level magnification spectrum. However, with the more traditional scope-assisted surgery typically can be seen offering a much lower resolution image, and a far more limited field of vision.

Also, the da Vinci system’s sensitive electronics and one centimeter diameter surgical arms also help the doctor for making a highly precise movements inside the incision during the robotic prostate cancer surgery. This simply means that the malignant tissue can be easily removed with great efficiency along with making the ease unheard of prior to the era of robotic surgery. This greater precision reduces the likelihood of relapse owing to the missed cancerous tissue. The precision of the da Vinci system can also help the surgeon in order to avoid the damaging of several healthy prostate tissues, which in turn helps in improving the clinical results along with doing a number of other thing like reducing the scar tissue build up, and then contributes to an overall shorter recovery period after robotic prostate surgery.

Da Vinci Surgical Robot India

Complications and Risk with Robotic Prostate Surgery?

While all precautions are taken to reduce the likelihood of complications, no surgical treatment is completely without risk. Robotic prostatectomy surgery risks include infection, urinary incontinence, port-site hernia and injury to adjacent organs. As we dig in deep, we realize that surgery is an inherently risky medical procedure but more often for the ailments like prostate cancer treatment, the option of surgery can be the most effective option for reducing the malignant tumors without actually having any painful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Some of the serious risks that are associated with surgical treatment is the possibility of infection at the incision site. All such infections are often the basic cause of serious complications that can hamper an instant and uneventful recovery.

The da Vinci system is often seen mitigating a lot with giving away the risk of infection during the said robotic prostate surgery. Firsts things first, the size of the incision(s) is meaningfully smaller as compared with the robotic prostate surgery as compared to the traditional surgical procedure. A standard, non-robotic prostate surgery might often need a6-8 inches vertical incision found over the abdomen. A large, open incision is seen boosting up the susceptibility of the patients to issues like the bacterial infection found during and after the said surgery.

Also, the patients can get the Post-operative infections that seemed to be more common than the intra-operative infections, as one can find hospital rooms are not maintained at the very same level of sterility that are seen operating rooms are. The da Vinci robotic prostate surgery system is then seen using minimally less invasive technique, which needonly 4-5 incisions and each are seen less than two inches. And all these smaller incisions help in healing the process very much faster than the large incision needed in traditional surgery.

Quicker Recovery Period after Robotic Prostate Surgery

Once you consider the robotic prostatectomy surgery, the recovery time happens to be much shorter as compared to the traditional open prostatectomy or the non-robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy. The overall recovery time after the said surgery from a prostate surgery simply varies from one man to the next; but the following are some typical recovery times of the patients considering the Robotic prostatectomy surgery:

  • Almost all the patients going home within 24-hours of surgery as compared to a typical three day stay for traditional open prostatectomy.

  • A majority of patients are seen having their catheter that is removed within 4-7 days after surgery

  • The majority of patients are seen returning to normal daily activities just within 1 to 2 weeks. The men with the jobs need very heavy lifting that will need to be on light duties for 4-6 weeks.

  • Generally all the patients can regain the full bladder control within 1-3 months. One can find more about incontinence after prostate surgery.

  • The activities like walking and Kegel exercises are usually recommended in order to help to speed up the recovery process. This regular but gentle kinds of exercises will help in strengthening the pelvic floor and also help in improving the continence, weight control and cardiovascular health.

All of these advantages are seen getting translated to a speedier and less worrisome recovery period.

Benefits Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

When it comes to the benefits of surgeries like Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery is concerned, there are several other advantages to the same. Though a number of experts do not often have agreed to this as to whether robotic or open surgery is the best choice but a majority of prostate cancer surgeries in the United States are being carried out with the laparoscopic or the robotic approach, particularly at high volume medical centers that specialize in prostate cancer treatment. The post-operative goals for treating prostate cancer are the same irrespective to whether the surgery is carried out with an open or laparoscopic approach or not. Nonetheless, the benefits of the Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery can include the following:

  • Shorter hospital stay

  • Less pain

  • Less blood loss and transfusions

  • Less risk of infection

  • Faster recovery

  • Less scarring

  • Improved Results Over Traditional Treatments

  • Improved and Early Return of Continence

  • Quicker return to normal activities

  • Improved and Early Return of Sexual Function

Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery Hospital in India

Robotic Prostate Surgery Cost in India

India has become an important healthcare hub for a number of global patients coming far and wide as it provides with the latest in medical treatment facilities along with giving away one of the best healthcare services making it easy and comfortable. Talking about the key benefits of the getting the healthcare services in India, one can find the highly affordable cost with the high quality offers a number of key reasons to consider for the same. The fact of the matter is that the low cost healthcare services is not the only criteria, the global patients often look for a quality output with affordable cost, which make India the best of the option. India is also proving to be a number of benefits for a number of patients that turn to be the key cost option for the treatment, which is low without compromising the quality. Indian hospitals boasts volumes of its excellently maintained healthcare providers by strict government controls on the policies for control of promotion and advertisement, which is simply not visible over the print and electronic media reports. But certainly the Indian providers are as good as other regional healthcare providers like Singapore and Thailand.

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