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ED1000 Treatment in India

What is ED-1000

images - causes of impotenceAs per a recent report, more than 50 percent of the men in this world are suffering from the issues called Erectile Dysfunction, which is commonly known as ED. However, the good news is that it has one of the best treatment options and one of the effective options is the ED 1000. It is a clinically proven treatment, which is not just as simple, fast, safe and painless option but has even a number of other benefits that are hard to find out at any other place. It is a known procedure that helps in giving a complete solution to the vascular related ED issues.

How does ED-1000 work?

When it comes to checking upon the working of ED-1000, it is always interesting to note the same. IED-1000 or the Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy, it is certainly an innovative kind of approach for treating the ED that is delivered by the procedure called ED1000 specially developed by the group called Medispec that function on the idea of advance acoustic technology. As far as the ED 1000 is working, it works on the shockwave therapy that involves low intensity shockwaves that are similar to ultrasound waves that are seen focusing over the treatment area that stimulates the treated issues that grow new micro blood vessels. As per research, the improved micro vessel network simply boosts up the blood supply the micro blood vessels. And as per research, the improved micro vessel network is seen boosting up the blood supply in order to improve upon the erection quality and thus fixing erectile tissues.

How effective is ED-1000?

When it comes to checking the effectiveness of ED, the treatment simply works for almost everyone who all are known to face the issue of ED that are vascular-related, which is the case of 70% of people with ED. The extensive clinical trials have now shown a good amount of improvements in the erectile function within 1-2 years of the treatment. The therapy is also seen enabling the patients with severe kind of ED for whom the medications are seen with no effect, and whose the only options were vacuum pumps, implants and injections in order to become responsive to options like PDE5 Inhibitor treatments. Yes,of late, there is a growing amount of realization among the medical specialists that pharmacotherapy is not at all sufficient to consider, especially in such delicate and complex kind of subjects like male sexuality Issues like the adverse events and contraindication to PDE5i among the men who are seen suffering from heart diseases as well as lack of spontaneity and the medication dependency leading to 50 percent drop out from pills solution.

Who will benefit from ED-1000?

The Patients suffering from issues like vasculogenic ED or diabetes are called the best candidates for the treatment called ED1000. However, there are no published studies or documentary proof that by using ED1000 one can fix the issue of impotence along with a number of other issues like trauma, prostate surgery, , Peyronie's disease or Parkinson's. However, some of the men having the combination of issues like poor penile blood flow and another cause for their ED and it has become possible to see them benefitting the best. Such people even reap a number of benefits, which are enlisted as below:

  • Best and proven clinical results

  • Light, sporty kind of mobile results

  • Backed with patented & exclusive technology

  • Known to have a Long-term effect

  • Based on angiogenesis – it is seen triggering the natural repair mechanism of the body

  • The Pain free & short treatment options with no reported side-effects

  • It is very much suitable option for additional urology applications

How do I know whether I have vasculogenic ED?

The poor penile blood flow is among the commonest reasons reported for ED and is found in 70 percent among the men with Organic or Non-psychological ED. Some of the male patients may have gone through the diagnosis of vascular problems like the earlier heart attack or stroke. There are many risk factors linked to vascular diseases, which make the vasculogenic ED and is more like to remain among people with issues like high Blood Pressure, high Cholesterol and with the history of smoking. The history obtained among the male patients is known to have large chunk of percentage of cases that suggest or rule out the presence of ED due to vascular insufficiency. However, the doctor of ED might advise you a couple of special tests like Penile Doppler in order to make a tangible diagnosis of ED owing to vascular insufficiency in order to find out who is more likely to benefit from this treatment.

images - ED1000 Shock Wave sessions

What does the treatment involve?

The diagnosis of ED is often carried out with a thorough assessment of the patient coming with its symptoms. These can include the tests like physical examinations, screening and counseling. All these tests can help in understanding the presence of this ailment and thus help the doctor to chalk about the exact treatment option. If the patient is seen suitable for the procedure called the ED1000 then the surgeon goes for the same. This process of ED 1000 is often an out-patient treatment option, which carries a series of 12 different short treatment sessions, which are covered in the time frame of around nine weeks. Generally it is carried out twice weekly during one to threeweeks and then it come along with a break of three weeks followed by a further three weeks of twice weekly treatments. The initial treatment of ED 1000 will often be carried out by the consultant and then the subsequent treatments by a fully trained nurse. There will be often carried out with in a two consultant follow-up visits, one is called for during and one after treatment has been completed. After the treatment, longer-term routine follow-up is offered by the doctor to the patient for the obvious reasons.

ED 1000 treatment cost in India

As far as the cost of the ED 1000 treatment is concerned in India, all know that his country offers very much affordable as compared to the other developed nations like the US or the UK. The cost difference comes to around 1/10th, which even is effective even when you add the tickets to India and back to your country along with the local stay and travel cost and yes the treatment cost as well. All these cost in India for ED 1000 cost less than the cost you incur the western nations. The exact cost of the procedure would depend upon a couple of things, which is still low. This gives enough reasons to the global patients to flock to India for ED 100 treatment. Treatment Available in Following Cities Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad.

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