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Cosmetic Penile Surgery in India

Is surgery a good option for correcting a curved penis?Is surgery a good option for correcting a curved penis?

Fortunately, in majority of case, the curvature found in the penis can be easily straightened out and most of the men suffering from the same may eventually choose for this for fear, which it may intervene with intercourse. However, this may end up hurting the self-esteem of the person a and make them shy while sleeping with women and having sex. Hence doctors are seen suggesting for Vitamin E and which can be consumed with meals. The Vitamin E promotes healing and it can prevent you future scarring issues. The other option is to use a cream, which comprises of verapamil made up of calcium channel blocker drug that can help in breaking up the scar tissues. And if all these non-surgical options don’t work then you need a surgery often termed as Cosmetic Penile Surgery. This is often drastic solution and has to be considered when other options fail to work.

The Cosmetic Penile Surgery can help many people, which can be categorized in the following three sets of people as discussed below:

  • The ones who are seen usually suffering from issues like malformations or deformities penises. With these deformities, the penis is aesthetically and cosmetically unsightly. Besides, in majority of these cases, the patient becomes incompetent about the normal erectile ability and copulation.

  • The second category of men is the ones who are seen with normal penises but who want a longer or thicker kind of penises.

  • The third group is of men wherein a penile enhancement procedure could be needed and the female transsexuals who are keen to have a female-to-male sex change (gender reassignment) operation.

Phalloplasty surgery in IndiaPhalloplasty surgery in India

The Phalloplasty surgery can be called the surgical procedure of penile augmentation, which is carried out to increase the length, girth, or the glands of your penis. Traditionally men often loved to have arger penis, which they consider as their symbol of greater masculinity. In India, the worship of the phallus is considered to the sign of creative energy.Earlier despite the failure of acceptance by society, a number of men were seen going for undergo surgical penile augmentation (phalloplasty).The most ideal candidate for phalloplastyismen who don’t consume blood thinners, any heart ailments and old enough to weigh the risks and benefits. Well, let’s check the candidates for this surgery as under:

  • Men having a birth defect or carry had an injury that requires the removal of the penis

  • The women who have been transitioned into men--commonly called the transgendered female-to-male

  • The men who want to increase their penis to impress the sexual partners or enhance their own self-esteem

  • The one who have traumatic injure of penis,

  • Malignant neo-formations

It is likely to carry as the full construction of neo-phallus, as reconstruction of injured penis as well. India is known for giving one of the best services in terms quality and affordability. Thus Phalloplasty surgery in India is no exception. Thanks to the presence of highly competitive cosmetic penile surgery experts and the cosmetic penile surgery in India hospitals which together makes all the difference.

Penile Augmentation Surgery

Penile Augmentation SurgeryPenile Augmentation Surgery is among the most promising techniques that help in increasing the penile size and aesthetics aspect with progressive and permanent outcomes. One of the vital factors while considering this surgical procedure a penile enhancement surgery is the credibility of your doctor and medical expert permanency of the procedure.Penile Enhancement or augmentationsurgery or wherein the augmentation is either over the length of the penis and is achieved by cutting down the ligaments that attaches it to the body in order to allow it to drop down it further, or in the girth or the width of your penis, with the help of the methods called the fat transfer techniques. This procedure can range from manual exercises to surgical procedures.

Currently there is no consensus over the scientific community over the non-surgical technique, which permanently boosts either the length or thickness of the organ. The surgical procedures can be carried out individually or at the same time, that simply depends over your goals and your body type. All penile enhancement surgical procedures are carried out as an outpatient procedure in our fully accredited surgical facilities. The surgical procedures can be carried out either under local or general anesthesia.

Circumcision Surgery in India

This surgery can fall under the category of cosmetic penile surgery apart from giving a number of other benefits. If we talk about this procedure then circumcision is among the surgical removal of the skin that is seen covering the tip of the penis. The procedure of circumcision, which is fairly common for the newborn boys over certain part of the world, this certainly includes the developed nations as well like the United States. Circumcision after the newborn period is very muchpossible; however,it is more complex procedure. For some of the families, the circumcision surgeries can fall under the religious ritual. The surgical procedure called circumcision can be called as a subject of family tradition, personal hygiene or the preventive health care. However, for others, the procedure of circumcision does seem unnecessary or disfiguring. And with the circumcision, it is not often possible to re-create the very appearance of an uncircumcised penis. The circumcision surgery can be even termed as a cultural or religious for both Muslim and Jewish families, apart from being seen in certain aboriginal tribes in countries like Africa and Australia. The circumcision can also be a subject of family tradition, personal hygiene or even for the preventive health care. Sometimes there is some medical urgency to for the need of this surgery. These include foreskin is too tight and has to be pulled back in a retracted over the glans. Also, in other cases, certainly in certain parts of Africa, the circumcision surgery is recommended for some older boys or men in order to reduce the risks of certain sexually transmitted infections.

Radical Penectomy

Radical PenectomySurgery in IndiaA penectomy can be called surgical removal surgery of part or the entire penis. This surgical procedure may be needed in order to get rid of the cancerous tissues over the penis, or it can be chosen being part of a sex reassignment surgery. In some or the rare cases, thepenectomy is carried out accidentally during the procedure of circumcision. This procedure is also called penis amputation, which is a common procedure for penile cancer. If at all possible, the surgeon will aspire to leave as much of the penis proper as possible. A surgical procedure wherein only part of the organ is removed generally just the tip is known as partial penectomy and helps the man in order to continue urinating standing full and can even change the course of sexual life.

Any men with a surgical procedure partial penectomy can still find an erection & ejaculation though a majority of sensitive part of the penis seems to be missing. Still sexual life after penectomy can be very much challenging and beneficial from open lines of communication between the partners and talking about the sexual support therapist. Now, if you talk about radical penectomy, the complete penis from the tip over inside the pelvis is removed. The cancer patients can choose for this surgery as it helps in removing the lymph nodes over the groin extracted in order to deter the influence of the cancer over the rest over the body. Men who go for this surgery will pass on the urine via a new opening for the urethra and helps in changing the bathroom habits.

Vasectomy reversal surgery in India

A vasectomy reversal is a surgical operation which is performed with the desire to regain the idea of male fertility after the procedure of vasectomy operation. The fertility is restored with the help in reconnecting the ends vasa deferentia.This is seriously located over each side over the scrotum, or with the help of connecting the vas deferens to the epididymis. This procedure is also carried out with other surgical options like microsurgery, in order to restore the passage over the sperm to get ejaculated out over the urethra and is generally carried out with the procedure called microsurgical technique. Vasectomy can be therefore called as a minor surgical procedure wherein the sperm duct, or vas deferens, is then cut off for achieving the sterility.

When it comes to cosmetic penile surgery in India including vasectomy reversal surgery the global patients, the hospitals here are highly advanced that govern with state of art facilities.  The doctors and medical experts dealing with these ailments carrying out vasectomy reversal surgery in India are known to have one of the best exposure and experience. In terms of cost, the vasectomy reversal surgery in India is highly cost effective, which make the global patients come over this country and get treated the best. The cosmetic penile surgery in India is a blend of a number of factors, which help in boosting up the medical tourism in this country. These include cost, global travel, favorable conditions for cosmetic penile surgery in India, and competitive medical infrastructure.

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