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Peyronie Disease – Overview, causes, symptoms and treatment options

Peyronie Disease

images - Peyronie Disease Overview causes symptoms and treatment in- IndiaPeyronie’s disease is defined as the fibrous scar tissue development inside the penis, which gives painful and curved kind of erections. The penises of men can vary in terms of size and shape. Though having a curved erection is a common phenomenon and not often a cause for concern, however in some men the Peyronie's disease can cause a significant amount of pain or bend. This ailment can prevent any man from having sex or can make things difficult for maintaining an erection and become the cause of erectile dysfunction. For a majority of men the Peyronie's disease can even cause anxiety and stress. In a small percentage of men, the Peyronie's disease can go away on its own; however, in most of the cases, it can remain very much stable or worsen. The treatment could be required if the curvature is having a severe form, which simply end up preventing into a successful sexual intercourse.

The cause of Peyronie’s disease is not completely understood, however, a wide range of factors would appear to be involved. It is considered peyronie’s disease that usually gives in the repeated amount of injuries over the penis. For instance, the penis could be damaged during having the sex, while athletic activity or as the result of any kind of injury. But in majority of the cases, men do not often are seen recalling certain trauma over insider the penis. During the healing process, the scar tissue can be seen forming an disorganized fashion that could then lead to nodule, which in turn feel or having the curvature development. Each of the penis sides contains a sponge kind of tube known as corpus cavernousum, which carries a number of smaller bloods vessels.

Each of these corpus cavernosa are seen encases over the elastic tissue sheath known as the tunica albuginea that simply brings in the erection. When you find en sexually becoming aroused, the blood flow over these chambers is seen boosting up. As the chambers are seen filled with blood, the penis expands and then stiffens and straightens over the erection. When you are suffering from PD, you may find the penis becoming in an erect position.  In some men you can find this disease over the gradually seems to be have become the relevant one to the injuries. As per the researchers who investigated about this disease were seen finding a link between the health conditions associated with this ailment.


In this disease, there are certain signs and symptoms can appear over men developing the gradually. One of the common signs and symptoms are the following:

images - Peyronie pain
  • Scar tissue: The scar tissue or the plaques that is associated with this PD that can be experienced under the skin over the penis as the flat lumps or over a band of hard tissue.

  • A significant bend to the penis: Your penis could be seen in the curved upward or the downward and over the bent over one side. In some of the cases, the erect penis can be seen having narrowing, indentations or with the hourglass appearance, with a tight and narrow band seen around the shaft.

  • Erection problems: The Peyronie's disease can be the real cause to the problems finding or maintaining the erection (erectile dysfunction).

  • Shortening of the penis: Your penis can become small size, which can be due to the result of Peyronie's disease.

  • Pain: You can have the penile pain, with or without having an erection.

The curvature that is linked with the Peyronie's disease can be seen gradually worsening. At some point of time, however, it can be seen stabilizing in most of the majority of men. Also, in most of the men, pain is seen during the erections that are seen improving within 1-2 years, but the scar tissue and curvature is usually is seen remaining. In some of the cases, both the curvature and pain is linked with Peyronie's disease that is seen improving without treatment.

Tests and Diagnosis

Once you star experiencing the above said symptoms, you need to discuss the same with your doctor. You would be passed on with a number of tests including physical examination, along with injecting some of the medicine that makes things possible for the doctor to judge this ailment. For most of the cases, the doctor would ask you to erect the penis in order to carry out the test. Also, the doctor can have X ray or have ultrasound of the penis. It would be a rare thing though, but in most of the cases would help in doing the things. The doctors can help in carrying out the biopsy for the same. This would involve removing little amount of tissues from the affected areas seen over the lab tests.

Peyronie Treatment in India

Medical tourism in India has been seen progressing with great pace. Thanks to the high end services available in India that come along with competitive cost. And the Peyronie Treatment India is no exception. Hence the global patients are suffering from this ailment are having loads of benefits, which include getting one of the best services at the most affordable cost. The latest innovations found in the healthcare sector in India have made India the most suitable place for Peyronie Treatment India. Thanks to the high end hospitals that cater highly competitive kind of surgeries and treatment options for the global patients coming far and wide to get the best of the Peyronie Treatment India.

Treatment Option

images - Peyronie Disease Overview causes symptoms and urology treatment in IndiaYes you definitely need one in the list of a couple of options available for the treatment of Peyronie. Though doctors when reported with this issue ask the patient to wait for another a year or so to settle down this issue on its own, however, in case of severe kind of symptoms, the following treatment options can work for them. Let’s check them out as under:

Medication:  One medication (approved by the Food and Drug Administration) for this treatment of Peyronie's disease is the collagenase Clostridium histolyticum (Xiaflex), which has a positive impact over the menace and thus can reduce the curvature to at least 30 degrees during erection.

Surgery: One of the important treatment options include the surgery, which is recommended only when other options fail. The surgery is recommended till you find the curvature of the men’s penis ceasing to increase. Some of the surgical options can include:

  • Suturing or Plicating the Unaffected Side including Nesbit Plication

  • Incision or excision and grafting

  • Penile Implants

  • The kind of surgery you choose would depend on the condition you have. Your doctor will be seen considering the location of scar tissue, which is seen on considering after a couple of severity factors.

Peyronie treatment Cost in India

One of the greatest USP of Peyronie treatment India is the extremely affordable cost of the surgery. In fact, the cost difference of the Peyronie treatment India can be less than 30 to 70 percent. Once you compare the same with other treatment options, you can very well understand the difference.


One of the vital benefits one can enjoy with the Peyronie disease treatment is that he can get a perfect erection, which can help him enjoy a perfect sexual life, which in turn help you in becoming a father. This is the ultimate benefit of this treatment along with getting rid of the symptoms of the same.

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