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Tissue transfer techniques in reconstructive urology

India ranks high when it comes to catering high quality healthcare services. These certainly include Urethroplasty procedure. Interestingly, Indian hospitals offer these services at much of the affordable cost especially if you compare the same with the developed nations like the United States and United Kingdom. The Indian hospitals are known to have one of the best uro surgeon in india and medical specialists that are meant to cater high quality healthcare services. Thanks to their high level of expertise and dexterity, they leave no stone unturned to give nothing but the Best of the healthcare services in India. The Indian hospitals offering Urethroplasty procedure to the global patients are armed with high end facilities that play a vital role in making the patients right on time. 

Tissue transfer techniques in reconstructive urology in India

Tissue Transfer

The option of tissue transfers and tissue transplants render a means for reconstructive surgeons in order to repair the body portion that restores the appearance along with a number o cases feeling and function. One of the key reasons for global patients to consider this procedure is to treat the cancer or injury and burn. In this procedure, the plastic surgeon is seen removing the tissues including the skin, nerves, bones and muscle from one part of the body that move over the part of the body that is required. The arteries and veins are then reattached and in some of the cases, the nerves are catered. One of the well known kinds of tissue transfers are witnessed in the breast reconstructions for women who had gone for the procedures like mastectomy that appears to be the part of the treatment for issues like breast cancer.Another kinds of tissue transfer is carried out for patients who are seen severely burned or have significant tissue damage from the devastating the accidents and injuries.

When it comes to the types of tissue transfer, there is couple:

  • Local Flaps: The local flaps are found out with the right kind of match to the tissue and the shape is being used for the face.

  • Regional Flaps: These are comprised of tissues that are considered for the closed by areas that are generally used to rebuild the vital structures like nerves and bones.

  • A free flap: It involves in removing the tissues for the complete part of the body, this procedure usually need optimal blood supply and fix things with advanced microvascular surgery.

  • Composite Tissue Transplantation: It deals with external feature that deals with limb.


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